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Ice Fishing

13 Fishing B.A.M.F.
- Donkey Sauce Infused - Lasts 10x longer than regular plastics - HD Detail
13 Fishing Bernie
- Donkey Sauce Infused - Lasts 10x longer than regular plastics - HD Detail
13 Fishing Jeffrey
- Donkey Sauce Infused - Lasts 10x longer than regular plastics - HD Detail
13 Fishing Paralyzer
- Donkey Sauce Infused - Lasts 10x longer than regular plastics - HD Detail
13 Fishing Sneak
- Donkey Sauce Infused - Lasts 10x longer than regular plastics - HD Detail
13 Fishing Coconut Crab
- Donkey Sauce Infused - Lasts 10x longer than regular plastics - HD Detail
13 Fishing Descent
Featuring a graphite soft-touch frame, 13 Fishing Descent Ice Reel allows you to feel the softest bites. Drop speed control lets you sink the lightest jigs with exceptional precision without worrying about line twist. Five stainless steel ball bearings deliver smooth operation, while an aluminum handle with a star drag make it easy to put consistent pressure on large fish. Dead-stick-bait alarm lets you know when a fish starts running with your bait. Instant anti-reverse provides solid hooksets, while a 2.7:1 gear ratio ensures rapid line pickup. Built-in fender. Left- or right-hand retrieve available
13 Fishing Mini Quatro
- Donkey Sauce Infused - Lasts 10x longer than regular plastics - HD Detail
13 Fishing Black Betty 6061
The 13 Fishing Black Betty 6061 Ice Reel is the best take-along ice fishing reel. The 6061 CNC-machined-aluminum construction and 2.7:1 gear ratio work together to make your time on the ice memorable. Integrated fender allows you to pencil grip the rod without resting the palm of your hand on the spool. Dead stick alarm alerts you when the line is being pulled. Carbon drag plus five stainless steel ball bearings and instant anti-reverse for a smooth performance. Available in left- or right-hand retrieve.
13 Fishing Origami Spoon
$4.99 - $5.99
13 Fishing "Origami Blade"
13 Fishing Black Betty Free Fall
Send your bait into the strike zone on a straight, twist-free fall with 13 Fishing's Black Betty FreeFall Ice Reel. Pull the FreeFall Trigger System and let the smallest jigs drop resistance-free. Easy one-hand operation. Built for the pencil/pistol-grip position. Ultralight carbon-injected frame is incredibly strong and resistant to chilling temperatures. CNC-machined aluminum frame and four stainless steel ball bearings. Instant anti-reverse provides solid hooksets. Carbon-disc drag system starts easily and provides consistent pressure through the entire range. Available in right- and left-hand retrieves.
13 Fishing Doug Tungsten Jig 2 Pack
13 Fishing "Doug" Tungsten Jig
13 Fishing Dude Tungsten Jig 2 pack
13 Fishing "The Dude" Tungsten Jig
ION 10
The revolutionary ION X is now available as a full 10" unit. Get the extra room you need to reel in bigger fish. The 10" ION X still cuts quickly and smoothly, and the updated cast bottom helps you get through thicker ice without bogging down.
The re-designed ION X is built for extra holes and increased precision. The all-new 40V 5 amp-hour XC5 Battery increases charge capacity by over 60%, allowing ice anglers to cut up to 1600 inches of ice on a single charge. Whether drilling new holes or re-drilling old, frozen-over holes, ION X’s innovative cast bottom with centering point cuts more smoothly and accurately than ever before.
VMC Tungsten Tubby Jig 2 pack
$4.49 - $4.99
The VMC® Tungsten Tubby Jig offers a compact profile with attitude. The combination of heavy duty Tungsten and super-fast drop speed delivers your favorite soft plastic or live-bait presentation to the strike zones faster and with greater efficiency. The exclusive VMC Power Gap hook delivers a wider round gap compared to other competitive micro jigs in equal sizes greatly increasing your hook rate percentage. The precision balance is amplified by a 90 degree hook eye which ensures the optimal horizontal position and maintains the perfect strike angle! Tungsten Tubby Jigs are offered in a variety of natural and Ultra Glow colors giving the anglers up to 15 minutes of charge!
Mission Tackle BB Flutter Spoon
- Minnow Design - Front - Natural Scaled Holographic Finish with 3D Eyes - Back - Bio-Lumi Glow - Premium Red Treble Hook
Marcum Lx-6s Flasher
Take MarCum’s ultimate Digital LX Sonar Engine and shrink everything except performance. Boasting all the features ice anglers demand like multiple water-column views on a light, compact 6-inch high-resolution color LCD. Use the intuitive menu-driven touchpad to custom-define the display to your liking. Dynamic screen views include Water Column Vertical, Vertical Zoom, Flasher Dial, Traditional Widescreen Graph and all combinations. Further customize on-screen Dashboard information, including digital depth, battery voltage and interference rejection (IR). MarCum’s intelligently managed sonar engine pumps out 4800-watts PtP, with TrueTime™ high speed display response and screen refresh. Switchable 8- and 20-degree transducer gives you 2 sonar units in 1. The LX-6s delivers the digital fish-finding goods, and with all the goodies serious anglers expect. - 6-inch (640 x 480px) Color LCD - Four user-selectable color palettes in reduced footprint - User-defined on-screen "Dashboard” displays digital depth, battery voltage, range, gain, interference rejection (IR), target adjust, or any combination thereof - "Multifaceted Sonar Display” LCD windows - "water column vertical,” vertical zoom, flasher-dial and traditional widescreen graph displays. - Industry-exclusive Sonar Footprint technology displays area of bottom coverage at any depth, with either 8° or 20° transducer cone angles (ex: 20° – 32ft depth - 11.3 ft ‘footprint diameter’) - 3/4" Target Separation - Patented Infinitely Adjustable Zoom and Bottom Lock Zoom - Patented 12-level Interference Rejection (IR) - Adjustable Scroll/Ping Rate - Target Adjust Image Magnifier - Adjustable Night-Vis Backlight - Includes rechargeable 12-volt 9-amp battery, charger, deluxe padded softcase and snow shield faceplate (10 hour run time) - Intelligently managed sonar engine, driven by 4800-watts PtP - 8 ft Transducer Cable - Temperature Capable when used with optional High-Speed - Transducer - Upgradable via USB Port - Made In the USA with Quality Components Sourced Around the World - Two Year System Warranty.
Marcum M5 Flasher
The most advanced flasher-sonars ever built, the MarCum® “M” Series offers brushless, dead-quiet operation with dazzling bright and crisp color definition of bottom, fish, baitfish and your lure, all illuminated on the highest resolution display available in a commercial grade flasher. Acute .75-inch target separation distinctly identifies each individual object on the screen, so you can clearly discern the minuscule separation of a bluegill about to kiss your ice jig. - 2500 Watts Peak to Peak Output Power. - Dual Beam 8/20 Degree Ice Transducer. - Down to 3/4-inch Target Separation. - Patented 12 Step Interference Rejection. - Patented Infinitely Adjustable Zoom (Zoom anywhere throughout the water column). - Selectable Depth Ranges – 20', 40', 80', 160'. - SuperFine Line Technology Produces 3/4” Target Separation - Through Entire Water Column Includes: - 8 ft. Transducer Cable. - Rechargeable 12-volt 9-amp Battery. - 3-Stage Automatic Battery Charger. - Deluxe Padded Red Soft Pack. - Two Year System Warranty.
Custom Jigs & Spins Chekai Glow Tungsten Jig
The Chekai (Pron. “check-eye”) Jig sports a popular tungsten head design, a superior non-chip epoxy paint scheme, an ultra-sharp Owner hook and a paint free eye.
Custom Jigs & Spins Glazba UV Tungsten Jig
$2.49 - $2.50
Glazba Tungsten Ice Jig
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